5 alternative looks for your Follea Bandore hat


You gotta love Follea right!? 

Not only have they brought us natures most beautiful hair but now they bring us some gorgeous head wear too!

You can check out my original post detailing the NEW Bandore head wear collection here

If you missed my post in the new Follea Bandore head wear collection then you can find it here 

I love a good hat. I also love a good quality hat that I can alter quickly depending in my mood and look for the day. Below you'll find a few looks using just ONE Bandore cap that you can easily and affordable re create at home.

I went out in search of some bargains last week. What I hoped to find was some decent mini maxi scarfs at a good price. Can you guess where I found them??


Seriously, they had a selection of 10 or so different designs so I splashed out and threw all caution tot he wind and purchased three mini maxi scarfs haha!

Basically, by using different patterned scarfs you can create a whole new look with your Bandore cap. All you need is your base colour and then you can mix it up with a selection of scarfs.

Take one Bandore cap and a few patterned mini maxi scarfs

Take two scarfs and tie them together at one end. Next loosely twist the two scarfs together. Tie around your Bandore hat and secure at the nape!

Create a cool 'Boho' look by wrapping two scarfs in different designs around your Bandore. Secure in a knot at the side of the head, just above your ear.


Team a classic cream coloured Bandore hat with a vibrant coloured mini maxi scarf to create a modern and fun look. I simply wrapped and secured this scarf around a Bandore hat.


Use different coloured Bandore caps for a different look and feel ...

And why should it end there!

Experiment with hair clips, bands, bobble and broaches. Get yourself to Primani (Primark) and treat yourself to a few fascinators which I believe are a pound or so each right now. Take them a part and come up with creative ways that you could use them to give your Bandore hat a new look!



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