The new Bandore Headwear Collection | Available now!

I love me a good wig! I also love nice head wear too. My idea of nice head wear has to tick three boxes for myself ...
1 - It has to fit well
2 _ it has too be cool when its hot and warm when its cold
3 - it has to look good and preferably be something that i can customise if i want to.

Bearing the above three points in mind you can imagine my total delight when I received a parcel containing the new Follea Bandore head wear collection. This new collection certainly ticks all the boxes for me and i know for a fact that all my ladies are going to LOVE this new collection.

Previously, Follea offered a fab cap in a blue colour which i really liked. The only problem was that it was only available in that one colour (I'm a pink kind of girl in case you hadn't noticed!!) and the second issue was that for a women with no hair .... the original follea cap design felt a little baggy at the back of the head.

Available in a fab range of colours the Bandore cap collection is sure to be a hit!

 The new collection is made using Bamboo intelligent fibres that keep you warm and snug when its cold and cool when its hot! How cool is that!?

What do you think of the new Bandore collection? I'd love to hear your comments below! Or you could always email me for more info by using the contact form on the right.


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