The gorgeous Follea Gripper™2 | C5055

She arrived last Friday. Wrapped lovingly in her black satin bag ❤️ It was love at first sight. Gary was with me in the salon when I took my first look at her and did his usually eye roll (that Gary Jones is always rolling his eyes at me when it comes to new hair...) he ignored me but it didn't matter as, at that movement in time I only had eyes for her ......


In all seriousness though I was excited. As excited as any wig addict would be when new hair arrives. Not only new hair but new Follea hair! I was practically ripping open the Royal Mail postage bag using my teeth 😁 

Out of all the colours that Follea offer, I have to say that the new C5055 is the closest I'm going to get to my natural hair colour. An absolute certain match is somewhere between the follea C5055 and the C6020 but hey ho ..... I'm not about to start splitting hairs over it! (See what I did there? Splitting hairs ...) after she was safely out of the bag (there were no bite marks in her I promise) I whipped her straight onto my head and started swishing ... 

After waiting so long to get my C10030 Follea wig cut and styled I decided I was going to strike while the iron was hot - which roughly translates to I had Harriet coming In to the salon for her hair extensions fitting so I was planning on totally taking advantage of the situation by asking her to cut my new hair haha :D what started off as a sneaky hair cut for myself turned into a three way hair orgy once the salon had closed at 5pm! 

The lovely Donna turned up to get her roots done

Harriet ended up getting her nails done (by Donna while her roots were cooking!) 

and  as Harriet's hands were otherwise engaged feeling the wrath of Donna's nail file (I so hope Donna doesn't read this blog post haha!) I decided I might as well get started on removing Harriet's old extensions 

Eventually though it all worked out and I got my new Follea cut and styled and all three if us had lovely new hair

Donna feels she draw the short straw in this hair orgy as she had to have her extensions removed so Harriet could get to her roots! 

Don't worry I'll sort her out next week :-) 

I got my new Follea Gripper cut! 

BEFORE Harriet worked her magic :)

AFTER Harriet worked her magic!! <3 <3

Have you got new hair recently? I'd love to here who you feel when you have new have arrive. Head on over to Twitter or Facebook now and let me know! Give me a follow or like while you're 😘 

Until next time ladies! 

Love from 
Emma xxx

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