The Follea Aero2 wig | C7020

It was lovely to meet face to face with one of my clients for the very first time today! Her lovely mum and herself drove an hour and a half to come and meet with me and take a look at the Follea collection of wigs.

Having worn mainly synthetic wigs from Jon Renau's smart lace collection, my client had reached the point where she wanted something that was beautiful, longer lasting, secure and comfortable so I knew that a Follea was going to tick all the boxes for her! 

Initially she was interested in the Follea Gripper2 wig but after some measurement taking and a try on of the fitting caps we came to the conclusion that the Gripper didn't fit quite right for her. A Follea Gripper2 can be adjusted by FOLLEAS factory for an extra charge but my client wanted something ASAP (she graduates next week!) 

 The Follea aero2 on the other hand fit her beautifully! It was the right length for her and the right colour too ... It was meant to be! 

She left in her new Aero2 looking fantastic :-) The aero2 was such a good fit for her that she was even able to flip her head back and forth and it still didn't budge 👍

 I took the pictures above myself and blanked out my clients face. She has since emailed me across some fab-tastic pictures of her on graduation day! Check them out below ...

Doesn't she look GORGEOUS! 😍 

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Much love

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stephlovescsd said…
Beautiful! Is there any chance you could post a video tutorial on how to put on a follea aero properly? I'm nervous about stretching out the lace.
Aspire1Hair . said…
Hi Steph :-) I'll do a video demo over the next couple of days so keep a look out for it! Thanks for your comment.
stephlovescsd said…
Thanks so much! I just got the aero (first wig) in the new #5055. So pretty!

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