Re-style | the Follea Gripper™2 C10030

After wearing my beloved Follea Gripper™2 since Christmas of last year I finally got the chance to have her cut and styled last Wednesday when Harriet was in the salon and had a spare hour (which almost never happens these days!)

So, we decided to do it properly and give my Follea a good shampoo and condition first and then cut and dry her on my head so we could make sure the style sat perfectly. 


NO MAKE UP ALERT!!!! Check out how natural that hair line looks though :D you'd never guess in a million years that I was wearing a wig. In fact, when I looked in the mirror and inspected my hair line the first thought that sprung to mind was that I looked like I'd just had my roots coloured. 

AFTER! <3 <3

One expert cut by Harriet later and we moved on to giving me a blow dry which, I have to say, is one of the most wonderful experiences a chick with Alopecia can possibly have! My Follea Gripper™2 felt secure throughout the whole experience and I only really felt the need to hold her down when Harriet was blow drying the front of my wig (I was worried about the lace front and that round bristle brush!) 

AFTER! <3 <3
Have you ever had your alternative hair blow dried whilst wearing her? If not then I'd highly recommend booking in with Harriet and treating yourself to the experience! Not only that but Harriet is a fab stylist and her cuts always look so amazing :) She's in the salon every Wednesday at the moment so if you fancy it then give me a call to book in. 

Let me know what you think! 

Lots of love
Emma xxx 

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