How do you store your Wig / Alternative Hair? Are you game to shareyoursecrets?

If you only own or wear a single wig then storage is pretty straightforward! A head or wig stand available from most places will suffice and shouldn't take up too much room.

I on the other hand own twelve (soon to be thirteen) different styles, which I switch regularly and match to my outfit. Short, long, curly, straight, synthetic and human hair, I've got it covered; but with all of those wigs, just where do I store them?

Up until about a month ago, I lived with my parents and had plenty of my own space. You'd find wig stands, heads, probably one over a lampshade* and one on the banister knob*! Then, I moved into my boyfriend's place where things are a little less spacious! T is very supportive of me; my alopecia doesn't bother him and he still tells me I'm beautiful. He also won't stand in the way of me having wigs - as many as I want - but he drew the line at having twelve heads to store them. Apparantly it just isn't his kind of decor ;-) Anyway, when I moved in, I had to find a neat, compact and stable method for storing my wigs and one which kept them safe and secure! I puzzled and pondered but no matter how long I thought about it, I couldn't come up with a solution! It was a visit to Emma's which cinched it for me; when I strode into the salon and saw an amazing array of wigs arranged on gridwall all over the walls of the salon! I had to have some! Emma mentioned she bought hers from a store fitting shop and later that evening I began my research! This however is when I hit my second snag; no way was the landlord going to give me permission to drill enough holes to put the brackets up to support the gridwall! I was stumped! Then, when rooting around a trade website, I came across a freestanding unit; it has a wide foot and can support racks on both sides. I've bought millinery hooks (usually used for hats) and these fit nicely into the cap of the wig. Eh voila!

I can adjust the height and distance apart and adapt it exactly to my wigs! T and my landlord are happy and my wigs are accessible! The next challenge is getting T to agree to a second one and then buying enough wigs to fill it, but I'm working on it!

My gridwall:

Emma on the other hand stores her on a care head when at home.

At the end of all this, it got Emma and I thinking; how does everyone else store their wigs? We had one client send us this picture of her #wigdrobe and had major envy:

We'd love to see yours too! Tweet us @AspireHair or @AspireHairSouth, email us or post pictures to our Facebook page. With the hashtag #Wigdrobe! We'll then share them for everyone else to see and see who comes out on top! 

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Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South

*Please note: these are not suggested or recommended wig storage methods, particularly as it won't prolong their life; but come on, we've all been there haven't we?! 


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