Follea Hair for your big day!

Imagine beautiful Follea hair for your wedding day :)

One of my clients had just that for her big day recently and she has very kindly emailed me across some pictures to share with you all <3

Doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL!!? 

My client is wearing the Follea Aero-2 in the colour C6020 and the 14" length :) 

Beautiful European Remy human hair on a hand made base with a lace top and a lace front for a super natural look <3 

I'm sure the blushing brides stylist found the Follea Aero-2 a dream to style on the day 

(or perhaps it was styled the night before????) 

With alternative hair this can be one of the perks!

I'd LOVE to hear what you think of the Follea Aero-2. Feel free to leave a comment below :)

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