Why sunscreen is essential to a bald chick ...

I have to be totally honest here ..... I don't tend to get my head out in public very often. It's not that I'm embarrassed to or that I don't think I look nice it's just that (as the blog title states) I'm a wig addict and I love wearing alternative hair.

Last week I was down in Cheltenham with Victoria (Aspire Hair South) and a bunch a fab girlies and we all went minus the wigs for a whole day. We enjoyed the sunshine and spent almost all day outside. Now, I'm pale. Not only am I pale but I'm like the palest person most people probably know! Harriet my stylist at Aspire was laughing at me the other day when we walked to the sandwich shop and said to me "oh my god! In the sunlight you actually transparent!" Here's the face I made at her comment 😒 

Anyway, bearing my paler than pale complexion in mind you would have thought I'd have had the common sense to wear sunscreen on my bare head seens as the sun was BEATING down on it and casting off a rather impressive reflection haha 😂 

Well .... I stupidly didn't use any sun screen ...... Let the following picture be a warning to you all! 

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair 

PS - As I always try to see the positive in every situation I feel the need to point out to everyone that I have ONE hair on my head even after the hideous sunburn and peeling! 😎 and it only took me 19 years to grow it #AlopeciaGirlProblems #Factor50AllTheWay 

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