What a difference a wig makes...

Just in case you haven't noticed, Emma and I are a little addicted to wigs! We do go on about them a little bit, but hopefully that's not a bad thing!

Now, just because I love them doesn't mean I wear them all the time, nor do I feel that everyone has to wear them. Nope; instead I believe that 'looking on the bright side' of alopecia, it gives a great deal of flexibility! I go bald as often as not, have wooly hats for winter and cotton headwear for summer, own 12 different wig styles (all in chocolate brown) and generally mix and match as the mood takes me!

One thing I have learned about wigs is that just like natural hair, different styles can change your mood, but more importantly it can also affect your choice of outfit...

On Saturday night, I headed out with my best friend for a night of retro tunes at a local night club. I stood in front of the wardrobe and selected a dress I haven't got round to wearing yet, a grey and black fitted number with block panelling. On it goes with my favourite pair of heels in a silvery bronze colour, then in walks my boyfriend. 'What do you think?' I ask. 'It's alright I suppose, but you've looked better!' he replies. Now I know many of you will have audibly gasped at that but one thing about my boyfriend is he is always 100% honest! Sometimes it drives me bonkers but actually it means when he compliments me (which he does often) he actually means it. Anyway, back to the story and I said 'give me a minute to finish getting ready and then if you still don't like it, I'll change'. Off I pop into the bathroom and I stand in front of my wig collection and pick out the Spicy from Jon Renau HD Smartlace Collection. It's long, curly and very glamourous and looks really sophisticated. On it goes with a pearl necklace and back I go to my boyfriend. 'Wow he says! You look absolutely stunning!' Phew!

Now as I said, I'm all for going bald, but sometimes, you just need hair to pull off an outfit. I have different outfits which go with different hair and some dresses do not suit some styles! All I can say is 'what a difference a wig makes' and isn't it nice to have the flexibility!

A bald move...

Rocking the spicy...

Excuse the sticker on the mirror ;-) 

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