Washing synthetic wigs - a guide ...

Synthetic wigs are GREAT! 

The come in hundreds of colours, thousands of styles and different sizes too. For a full and detailed rambling on synthetic wigs, the different cap constructions available and fibre types then please check out my previous e-book in the wig workshop series. 

It’s just such a shame that people have such a bad view on what a synthetic wig is REALLY like. I see it every day in my salon. I have clients call, email and pop in declaring with the utmost horror and shock...

“Oh NOOOOOO! I don’t want a synthetic wig, I want human hair, and I want only the best. Synthetic wigs are CRAP! And the hair looks like dolls hair and it’s too shiny and ……” 

Usually at this point my face looks a little something like this

(Please scroll down …) 


This is such a great example of my ‘SHOCKED’ face.
You’d think that after almost four years of getting this same reaction about synthetic wigs from clients that I’d be used to it. Im not! 

Everything usually ends fine though and once I show a client just how fab-tastic a synthetic wig can really be they are always impressed and usually go on to purchase one.

You see the thing is … A synthetic wig has some major advantages!
     They have little to no issues with colour fading

     They mostly come pre styled and ready to wear

     They come in like a zillion different colours. Natural, mixed, highlighted, vibrant … you name it and chances are it’s available

    They are easy to wear and always look like you’ve made the effort

    And last but not least they are super-duper easy to wash! 

So let’s get started with it

What you need …

     Your synthetic wig

     A tangle tamer (we supply these so give us a call at the salon, pop in or check out our website) or a wide toothed comb

     Your chosen wig shampoo or your favourite fabric conditioner (I’ll reveal all in a little while)

©     A clean, dry towel

    A sink full of cold (it has to be cold, don’t be tempted to go Luke warm or you’ll risk damaging your wig) clean water.

Got it? Good!! So now you have everything you need by your side I’m going to walking you through the easy steps to washing your synthetic wig. I know this can be an anxious time but don’t worry! You’ll do great, it’s easy I promise.

Start by giving your synthetic wig a bit of a de-tangle.

Carefully remove any lugs or tangles using either a tangle tamer brush or a wide tooth comb.

If you comes across a particularly stubborn lug then be sure to work slowly and gently.

If you’re synthetic wig is long then work in sections and remove tangles from the bottom and work up the length of the hair.

REMEMBER! It’s not a race and there’s no need to rush this. Just take your time.

Take care when brushing over delicate lace fronts

Are we all de-tangled now? Great! 

So now you can move on to actually washing your synthetic wig. Although, to be honest this next part is more of a ‘soak’ than an actual wash!
I kid you not …. A synthetic wig is a lazy girl’s hair dream. 

Like I said, there’s very VERY little maintenance with synthetic hair.

Fill a sink / basin with cold water. Please, please, PLEASE ensure that the water is cold. If it’s Luke warm or (pulls a shocked face again) warm then you risk damaging the fibre.

Heat is a synthetic wigs worst nightmare.

A little story for you …..

I’ve had two clients call me in floods of tears over damage to their synthetic wigs despite telling them to stay away from heat!

The first client tried trying it with a hairdryer and ended up with a wig looking like (in her words not mine) the hair of the mad professor man from back to the future and the second client, well let’s just say there was an unfortunate incident with a pair of GHD hair straighteners.

(There’s my shocked face … again) 

Once you’ve got your sink filled up with cold water add a dash or two of your wig shampoo to the water. A little trick I’ve picked up over the years is that you can actually successfully wash your synthetic wig using fabric conditioner!
Honestly, it works a treat. Give it a try for yourself.
And it saves a pretty penny on wig shampoo too.

Agitate the water using your hand and mix the water well.
Now dunk it. No, I’m not joking I’m being serious here just go ahead and dunk your hair in the water!
Is it covered? Great. Now leave it for 5 minutes and go make yourself a cup of tea as were almost finished (whoop whoop!)

After a 5 minutes soak you can use a little bit of your wig shampoo or regular shampoo to clean off any areas inside your wig that are made of PU (the shiny plastic looking stuff that can usually be found at the front of the wig or on the ear tabs)

Don’t worry if you can’t locate said shiny plastic looking material as not all wigs have them anyway

Now all that’s left to do in terms of washing is to give your synthetic wig a good old rinse with cold water to remove any product.

Now, I think you’ve just earned yourself a chocolate biscuit with that cuppa before we move onto the final step …

When you’re happy that you’ve rinsed you synthetic wig free of all remaining product then give it a few little squeezes to remove any excess water from the wig

Synthetic wigs don’t absorb water into the hair fibre like human hair so you won’t have to do much squeezing at all

Remember to squeeze … not twist

Now wrap your gorgeously sweet and fresh smelly hair in a nice clean towel (I like to wrap mine up like a little present but that’s just me …. I’m a little quirky that way I guess!)
Now leave it all wrapped up some place safe (in my case away from my cats) and finish of your cuppa and biscuit.

And breathe …. You’ve done it!

All that’s left to do now is remove your synthetic wig from the towel, lightly brush through with your tangle tamer or wide tooth comb and leave her to dry naturally. 

She’ll dry perfect every time 

Lots of love from Emma  


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