The power of the pony tail ...

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Who would have thought that something as simple as a pony tail could bring so much joy!

To a women experiencing Alopecia who wears a wig, the pony tail is usually a greatly missed styling option especially during the summer months and days when you really should be washing your wig but actually can't be bothered! I know we all have these days ..... Let's not even begin to pretend that it's only myself that have these days! 

So you can imagine my joy at being able to wear my Follea gripper-2 wig in a ponytail today <3 and not a low pony tail at that! 

Do you wear your follea Gripper-2 in a pony? I'd love to hear your comments and see pictures :-) you can tweet us a picture @AspireHair and @AspireHairSouth or pop across to our FB page ( and join in the fun. 

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair 


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