The New Evolution wig

To say I'm excited about the new Evolution wig by Jon Renau would be a massive understatement.
I'm giddy like a child struggling to fall a sleep on Christmas eve!!

Any new wig design that comes out is always of great interest to me but when a company takes their clients feedback and requests into account something very magical begins to happen .... we start to make real progress in the way wigs are seen, worn and appreciated. We start to move even further away from the crippling lack of self confidence that many of us hair wearers experience. Now that's something very special indeed in my book.

In true wig addict (and alternative hair business owner fashion!) I've gone ahead and ordered in the Spirit Evolution wig to keep in the salon for my clients to see and try on. OK, who am I kidding! I've ordered it in for myself AND my clients to see and try on. You don't get the reputation of 'wig addict' lightly after all ...

Here are my expectation from this wig

  • A snug and secure fit
  • I don't expect to have to wear tape or glue as I have AU
  • I expect to be able to part the hair in any direction
  • Gorgeous long (In Spirits case) human hair
  • A pre-cut wig that I can wear right out of the box 

And here is what I know I will need to do to maintain the beauty of this wig 

  • Wash and care for it using the recommended products
  • Treat it with the tender love and care it deserves
  • Keep the inside of the cap clean and as free from sweat, grease and make up as possible to maintain a secure fit
  • Remember that all wig / extensions hair is essentially 'dead hair' and requires moisture to be added to it on a regular basis (argan oil is great for this) 

And here's what I don't expect from it!

  •  I don't expect it be be 'self cleaning' and I realise that I need to work at maintaining it's beauty just as with any other wig
  • I don't expect it to be indestructible! We have Swiss lace in this cap design people. Care will need to be taken when fitting, removing, brushing and washing this piece
  • I don't expect it to last for the next 5 years .... no wig lasts forever

Lets take a look at the cap!

The Evolution wig has a Swiss lace front which enables you to wear the hair away from your face. 

The  cap features PU areas that can be secured with tape and silicone areas to provide a natural 'grip' to the scalp. 

Metal stays have been placed in the ear tab sections and at the nape to provide a more secure fit. 

 The styles! 

The Evolution wig is available in two styles. Spirit (pictured is the longer style and Courage is a bob length style. Both styles are ready to wear straight out of the box after just minimal styling.

The verdict! 

The collection is beautiful and a great option for ladies with total scalp hair loss such as AT and AU. The cap is a little large for my teeny tiny head but it's nothing a small amount of tape couldn't sort out!

Have you tried the Evolution wig yet? Let me know what you think :)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

PS - The Evolution collection is made using 100% human hair for the ultimate in styling versatility! 

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Kristina Daniel said…
WOW! You look so gorgeous in that Spirit wig- it looks 100% natural. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it

Aspire1Hair . said…
Thanks Kristina :-) This wig is sooooo beautiful xoxo
Anonymous said…
Hi Kristina - which colour are yo wearing in the image? thanks
Aspire Hair said…
Hi Shannon :) I'm wearing the colour 12FS8 - thanks, Emma

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