The Kate wig by Jon Renau | what to expect!

I'm sure we've all fell into that old online trap of browsing through a website trying to select our next wig and found an absolute stunner! And then when it arrives through the post you open it up and you're like "OH MY!" 😳

A few things that you need to consider ladies .... 

1) the pictures you see online are usually stock pictures. The wigs will have been styled by professionals, set with styling products and photographed on the models professionally

2) everyone's monitor settings are different! What looks like a warm honey blonde on one screen may look like a red strawberry blonde on another

3) the same two facts above apply to brochure images as well as online images.

I've set myself a goal. Not a small one either! I'm going to be blogging about new styles that come into the salon for our clients showing you exactly what to expect when they arrive. Hopefully it will take ALOT of the guess work out of online purchasing! 

KATE | Jon Renau human hair Smart Lace wig 

The Kate has been a best seller at Aspire for a while now. She comes pre styled meaning that if the thought of going to a hairdresser to have your wig cut fills you with total and utter dread then the Kate has got it covered. She's long and layered with a swooping style side fringe. Here is one of the stock pictures of Kate ...

And here is what you will actually get when you order her in .....

Um, different muchlys me thinks!! (Sorry, bit of Emma world talk going on right there 😁) 

I've actually gotten to the point where I now PRE WARN clients that order the Kate through our website that they should expect this and NOT be alarmed! Either that or I offer to straighten out the Kate before she ships out to clients ..... To save them the heart attack when they open the box. 

I'm not putting Kate down in any way, she's a gorgeous style ..... Once she's styled. The cap construction is great and she comes in some fab colours too. Here she is again after a bit if a style. Much more wearable I think.

Do you wear the Kate? 
Have any questions you'd like answered? 

We'd LOVE to hear your comments and thoughts below :) 

Love from Emma xxx
Aspire Hair 

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