Mission Purple Point; A review of this synthetic Perucci Wig byVictoria in Cheltenham

A few of you have asked me what wigs I have besides the Amber and the Codi. I previously wrote reviews on both of these wigs and in them I mentioned the fact I own 12 styles - yes... 12!

The Point is a low-cost, low-maintenance, pre-styled number which effortlessly mixes a modern style with a flattering shape from the Ellen Wille collection. Retailing at £130 it is an affordable synthetic wig. 

Also known as a Pixie cut, this on-trend synthetic wig has a sweeping fringe and is longer on one side than the other. It's my shortest style, is the starkest change, and gains me lots of compliments, making me seem 'older' in a maturity manner rather than adding ten years or wrinkles ;-) I love it as a 'once in a while' style, but know it also adds up if you're looking for a short cropped style. Here goes my review...

Cap construction: 7/10 - whilst not the best made cap you'll ever find, for a wig that retails at £130 it is excellent quality. The cap is fully machined and features a soft fabric panel at the front of the head, a machine mesh scalp, a machined weft at the back and a small single monofilament circle at the crown to ensure the 'roots' look as natural as possible. Overall, it creates a soft, non-itchy cap which can be adjusted to any size using Velcro tabs at the nape to secure the circumference. It offers a snug fit and a comfy wear.

Fit: 10/10 - now the rating of the fit will be down to the individual wearer and their own personal preferences / head measurements. I can't judge for every size, but I myself have non-standard measurements with a small nape, large crown and average circumference. You may have noticed, that in many of my wigs, I have an adjustable nape and this for me is what adds security. It isn't essential to my wig wearing, but it is a bonus! Simply because of this adjustment, the wig is the perfect fit. You can start it looser immediately after washing and then as the band starts to stretch, you can move it tighter until it's time for a wash again.

Style: 8/10 - the style of this is great - modern and contemporary enough that I don't look like an old woman, but flattering enough that it doesn't matter I don't have 'elfin' or 'feline' features. That said, I do have to be in the right mood to wear this wig; get me on a bad day and I'll end up feeling more like a butch lesbian than a sassy vixen!

The Colour: - I'm going to give this one two ratings and if you read on you'll see why:

1. 9/10 - this wig offers a multi-tonal delight of lowlights and in my case encompassing a chocolate brown base with some warm copper, gold and some red tones. It looks really natural, not stripy and well balanced.

2. 6/10 - unfortunately whilst the colour is fast and will hold throughout the lifetime of the wig, the colour consistency, wig to wig, is not great. I can only assume it is because it is low cost and machine made, however having ordered the same stock colour three times now, the consistency between them has not been great! One was far more heavily red, one was more golden and the final one was a delicious blend of all three. Now to me, this point doesn't worry me because I know the three tones suit me and I'm not too worried about changing my hair regularly, but if this is your daily wear wig and you switch between two wigs whilst on wash rotation, you might well be disappointed.

The Fibres: 8/10 - given the longer, sweeping fringe, many people expect this one to have a high density and are worried it will be too 'heavy' around the face. In fact, it it quite the opposite. They've succeeded in making the wig light, medium density and flattering, without overpowering your face with too much hair. They've also selected quite a thin synthetic fibre so that it feels soft and moves naturally. Can't complain about this one.

Maintenance: 7/10 - it's a really easy wig to maintain - a quick wash, 'hang upside down and dry naturally approach' is all it needs - it'll keep it's shape and be the same style time after time - no faff. The only downside to this one is durability - it doesn't last as long as some of my synthetics because the short cropped style shows every bit of wear and tear! Such a shame!

The point... (Not the best picture - looks slightly like Lego hair right now!)

This was a wig I tried on as a joke and one which I'm glad I did! It's flirty and gorgeous!

Now, you might be wondering what on earth this review has to do with Mission Purple?! Well - they have the most GORGEOUS colour in this wig called Aubergine - it is a wonderful purple-y colour which is rich yet subtle. You're not about to look like My Little Pony, but it's a gorgeous, glamourous change! Where does the mission come from I hear you ask?! Well... Emma looks SUPERB in this wig particularly in the aubergine; yet she won't believe me and maintains she looks 'butch'. My aim is to wear her down and get her wearing it and I'd love you to pester her for a picture too ;-) Come on folks and help me out with #MissionPurple! 

I hope you find this review helpful and please let us know if there's anything in particular you'd like us to review. Just in case you missed them, here are my previous wig reviews...

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South

P.S. My 12 styles are about to be 13 as soon as my coveted Follea Gripper arrives! In brown of course! 


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