How to go from "are you sick?" to "You're looking well!" ...

Does anyone else have a bit of a problem when it comes to having a make up free day? Obviously having Alopecia means I have minimal activity going on in the eyebrow and eyelash department and we all kinda know that our brows and lashes give our eyes good framing etc ...

The issue I find is that when I decide to have a make up free day (and why shouldn't I, my skin needs to breath from time to time!) these are the kind of comments I get ...

"Are you sick?" 
"Oh Emma you look so pale and washed out, are you sleeping well??" 
"You look a bit peaky .... It's not catching is it!?" 

And my reaction after almost twenty years of the SAME OLD COMMENTS? 

Yes people the face really does say it all 👊 LOL 

I'm not sick, I'm sleeping as well as an insomniac can and no it most certainly is not bloody catching (cheeky gits!) 

To be fair to the unfortunate peeps that ask those questions and then have to see my reaction expression above I actually DO kinda get where your coming from. Take a look below at me without my eyebrows and liner on ...

I guess I do look a little worse for wear minus the old warrior paint! 🙈 

Let's explore this a little more and take a look at how with just a brow power palette and a no smudge eyeliner pen (and some lippy if your feeling adventurous!) you can transform your little ole Alopecia self from "tired" to "fab" in just a few quick steps. 


I start by using my brow palette and angled brush to create a soft curved line on the top of where I'd like my brows to be. 

You want to make sure that they start and finish in roughly the same place for each brow your creating. Don't stress too too too much about perfect likeness! REMEMBER - brows should be sisters not identical twins 😜 

Next I then draw another line at an angle underneath the line I've just drawn, like this ... 

Now it's as simple as colouring between the lines! (With your angled brush - of course darling ...) 

I've got the entire process down to around three minutes these days. The more you do it the more it feels like second nature! 


Next I move onto creating some definition to my eyes and applying my eyeliner. 

I think this was probably the CHEAPEST one in the whole of Boots! It does the trick though. It's easy to use and lasts all day without smudging. 

First I create a basic line along my lash line ... 

I know it looks messy now but we can sort that out in a little bit :-) once you've created your line simply go back and colour it into your lash line. If you haven't done this before then a word of warning to you .... THIS BIT TICKLES! 

This is the end result of the liner, again it takes me around three to four minutes to do my liner. 

You can always experiment with different liner colours and eye shadows to create a more dramatic look but this works really well for me as an everyday look. If your feeling a little adventurous ... Add some lippy! 

Throw on my fave hair (the Follea Gripper2 wig available from Victoria and I at Aspire) and I'm good to go! 

I'd LOVE for you to tweet us your eye and brow pics @AspireHair and @AspireHairSouth and you can also find Victoria and myself on our Facebook page - :-) 

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair 

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