Follea - the gorgeous TA116

A few months ago I met with a lovely lady from Norwich who was finding that her confidence was becoming increasingly affected by her thinning hair. Although to the passerby this thinning may not be obvious, my client could tell a massive difference in the fullness and general quality of her hair and it was upsetting her.

So she made the trip to see me in Sheffield and brought her hubby along for moral support and his honest opinion :-) 

After trying on a few different options including some Jon renau and trendco hair enhancers we started going through the different options that Follea hair could offer her. 

First we tried the TA115 - this felt a little too large for my client and she felt a little overwhelmed by the sudden increase in density so we chatted a little more and moved onto the TA116 ... 

The TA116 was perfect! A slightly smaller base size with a PU perimeter. The TA116 from Follea is a great choice for ladies who would like to bond their topette for extended wear. However, my client is not at that stage in her alternative hair journey so we decided that a clip in option would be best for her. 

She came back up to see me this week and had her new Follea Topette fitted in the salon and then cut in and styled by our stylist Harriet and WOW! Check out the pictures below ...

To say she was happy would have been an understatement!!!! She looked fantastic and I'm sure as her confidence grows over the coming weeks and months she will start to feel as beautiful as she has always been but now with more conviction! 

Do you wear Follea hair? We'd LOVE to hear your success stories :) 

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

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Anonymous said…
What color did she choose in this pic?

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