Come to me my gorgeous 5055 Follea!

I have a client. We shall call her "K". If after she sees this blog she feels comfortable with her name being disclosed I will update to include her real name but for now she will be known to all our fellow wig addicts simply as "K" :-)

If ever there was a women after my own heart then K would be that women. We are very similar in many ways. We both have Alopecia and we both have a teeny tiny (OK I'm outright lying, a MASSIVE) addiction to wigs. Mainly an addiction to Follea wigs but really any good wig is always one to add to the collection. Check out K's collection below ...

the above is something I feel I need in my life! How cool is that!? 

Due to the fact that K and myself are massive Follea Hair addicts you can imagine our delight when the new 5055 honey blonde colour was launched. It's not a case of want when you adore Follea hair it's a case of NEED. If your an addict you simply can't let the idea of follea hair go once you've truly set your mind and heart on it. K already has the Follea Gripper-2 in the colour 5055 set very firmly in her sights and so do I! 

So you can imagine my delight when I got an email through today from The lovely Bobby Mandel at Follea UK telling me that one was in the country in my size, length and in the colour 5055. Excited? Nah ..... Feeling totally and utterly cray - cray? YESSSSSSSS!!! Just instantly transport it to me now so I can plonk it on my head and spend the best part of a day stroking it and getting to know it properly!!! Just come to me my gorgeous Follea 5055 😍 (I told you I was an addict ...) 

So for my lovely client and friend K I hereby declare to the world that I will be naming my new Follea wig after you. She will sit proudly upon a follea care head every evening whilst not in use next to my Follea 6020 (I call her Mary) and my Follea 10030 (I call her snow queen!) 

Is anyone else addicted to Follea hair? What is it that you love about Follea? We'd LOVE to hear what you have to say :-) 

Love from Emma xxx
Aspire hair 

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