10 Things to think about when buying a wig ...

Buying new hair can be an anxious time especially if you’re new to the world of alternative hair. 

I remember when I first started wearing wigs when I was 13 years old. My first experience was an awful one that stayed with me for the next 13 years! 

That very first experience for me was one of the main reasons I started my business in the first place. When I lost my hair it took me to a very dark place mentally and it took me a very long time (over a decade!) to come out of that darkness fully. I had no one to talk to, no one to advise me and no one who understood what I was going through.
I don’t want anyone to have to go through this crap alone! Because it is crap … but hopefully I can help make things a little easier with the work we do.

Let's get started! 

   1) Lifestyle is an important thing to consider. Are you good at styling hair? A human hair wig requires styling and maintenance. 

     2) Don’t assume that synthetic wigs look / feel / act like cheap dolls hair! Synthetic fibre has come a long way over the years.

    3) Welded lace fronts are a great option to create a natural front hair line. Do remember though that a transparent welded lace front won’t work well with dark skin tones. It will appear shiny against the skin.

    4) Choosing the right colour is essential. I’m naturally very fair and could never get away with a dark hair colour. Reds and blonde's compliment my skin tone much better.

    5) Fit is important. Not only for security but also for your own personal comfort and confidence. Trust me when I tell you that bruised ears due to an ill-fitting wig is no wearers’ idea of fun.

    6) The style you go for is important but don’t let it be the be all and end all. Often fringes can be cut in, layers can be added and length can be reduced on a synthetic and human hair wig so do try to use your imagination on the possibilities of styling. 

    7) Versatility is important. If you want to style your wig straight one day and curly the next then a standard synthetic fibre wig is not going to make you all that happy when you can’t heat style it without melting it!

    8) You always want to go for a natural density. Volume is fine for an ultra-glam look but too much hair can create what some of my clients call the ‘Lego’ hair look. 

    9) Long luscious locks look fantastic! Do bear in mind though those longer length synthetic wigs can often become damaged due to the friction of the fibre against your clothing. 

    10) Take along a friend or family member when you’re going in search of new hair! Someone else’s opinion is so useful when your heads spinning with trying on so many different wig styles and colours.


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Love from Emma xxx


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