How do you dry yours?

Washing wigs is a commitment! On the upside you never have a bad hair day, have to wash and care for them considerably less than natural hair, and don't have to worry about greasy roots; but on the downside it's a bigger commitment of time when you do wash them and if they're synthetic, they need time to condition and enough time to dry naturally! Hmmm! Brings new meaning to the phrase 'I can't come out tonight I'm washing my hair'!

That aside, there are generally agreed guidelines for the washing of wigs, but are there really any for drying them?! I've met those who use a polystyrene head, a wig stand, a hat stand and if you're Emma from Aspire Hair North, then even the top of your door...! Yes really - here is her Cayenne Spice Codi...

I on the other hand favour an upside down approach! I love the way it adds volume to the wigs, ensures any curls are nice and springy and enables the cap itself to dry quicker as that always takes the longest! Emma did share a picture of my technique on Facebook, but in case you missed it, I use two hangers! Take one triangle trouser hanger and hold it upright, then take one shirt hanger (not triangle) and tip it upside down! Thread one through the other and voila a ready made wig hook which will hang basically anywhere!

I've used that very technique tonight when washing four wigs (The Amber, Two Codis and an Amore - all synthetic):

Getting some deep conditioning:

Drying for the morning:

We'd love to know how you all dry your wigs (there are some great tips out there) so please share them with us via Facebook or Twitter. Even better if you can post a pic!

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Emma Twitter: @AspireHair

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South


I was tired of dealing with the hassle of how to dry my wig and where to dry it without all the mess. It also frustrated me that my only choice for storing my wigs were flimsy wig stands and Styrofoam heads. After my recovery from cancer I worked with engineers and manufacturers to come up with the perfect product for drying and storing a wig.
It's called the Wigmate Dry & Style and it can be purchased online at or at
Stop the frustration!
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