Old Faithful; why I can't do without my Codi. A review from VictoriaAspire Hair South

If you're an avid reader of the Aspire Hair blog or Facebook page, you'll know that the Rene of Paris Amore Codi is a best seller and also a firm favourite of Emma's. She wears hers in the Cayenne Spice colour and mine is the Toasted Brown. When it comes to wigs this is my absolute staple. It's quick, simple, looks fab, ready-styled and always gets loads of compliments. It's definitely my core wig and would be in any capsule #Wigdrobe I had! It's not as glamorous as the Amber wig (see previous post) nor as soft as a human hair, but I wouldn't be without it. Here goes my review of the Codi...

Cap construction: 9/10 The cap offers a double layer of monofilament at the top, supported by machined weft back and sides and an adjustable nape. It is comfortable, non-scratchy and easy to pull on and off. You get a comfortable fit, even with a non-average head like mine, and can guarantee security even without glue. My Codi will stay on if I cartwheel as long as it is properly adjusted! Just to say I'm not in the habit of cartwheeling often, but I could if I wanted to :-)

The one downside to the Codi (but not enough to stop me wearing it almost daily) is that the adjustable straps at the back are supported by a metal clasp much like a bra strap. It isn't a major problem and doesn't irritate my skin because of the plastic coating; however I get flare-ups of excema on the back of my head and then the metal aggravates it. That's the only time I have to stop wearing my Codi!

Fit: 10/10 Due to the adjustable straps, the Codi will fit nearly every head size and shape. It's a really natural fit and it doesn't ever look like you're wearing a wig! There isn't the 'puff' at the crown of the wig which can give the game away and it sits naturally all the way round.

Style: 10/10 The Codi is a graduated bob; shorter at the back around the nape and longer into the front at the side of the face. It hangs slightly below the jaw line and creates a wonderful shape to frame the face. The natural side swept fringe softens the front and despite not having a lace edge, ensures that the band is not visible.

Interestingly, the overall look of the Codi depends on it's age and amount of wear. Unlike many wigs, it takes a long time for the Codi to look 'bad' and as it ages, so it matures (like a good wine really)! I actually have three Codis on the go at any one time:

1) Box fresh which offers a sleek, slimline and glossy finish and a very 'straight from the hairdresser' look. It gets lots of compliments at this stage with people assuming 'you've just had your hair done'.

2) Mid life and the wig develops a more voluminous and rough texture. It starts to look more 'scruffy' but in a fashionable and desirable way. It's like that perfect 'bed head' look that's near impossible to achieve with human hair and it gives a lot of lift to the bob. It's great for a relaxed look, needs a mere ruffle for a night out and has a really natural style

3) Reaching the end of it's life and it's got a lot of volume, a rough texture and a matte look. At this stage it's great for holding a bit more style, I add a bit of wax or gel and can get a really specific structure / shape.

I also have one which I'd never wear out, but which I wear under a winter hat giving a less bald look when out dog walking! Also keeps my head warmer and stops the wool from scratching.

One thing to say, it is possible to move the parting in this wig, but it isn't that easy and it rarely looks quite right. I have ones with partings in different directions, so it's best to let us know which direction your fringe usually goes!

The Colour: 10/10 I can't comment on all the colours (blonde looks terrible on me) but the toasted brown is a gorgeous mid-brunette tone with golden low-lights. The fibres are perfectly distributed with the colours and it looks fab. Lovely and glossy when you get it and lovely and textured as it ages. The Cayenne Spice (Emma's Colour) is a fabulous gingery brown and despite not suiting red, this colour is on my wish list because it looks so gorgeous!

The Fibres: 8/10 This one does feel and move like a synthetic wig and as with any synthetic it's fibres are thicker than human hair and don't have quite the same movement. That said, it doesn't feel unnatural, no one notices, I just have the benefit of having both human and synthetic. Plus the Amber (see previous post) has a gorgeous synthetic fibre so I'm spoilt :-)

As with any synthetic, what you do have to watch is friction damage particularly at the nape of the neck. Mine doesn't last as well in winter as in summer because of wearing scarves. 

Maintenance: 10/10 of all my wigs, this is probably the easiest to look after. Turn on the shower (cold setting) and rub shampoo between your hands, run it through the wig and rinse. Rub conditioner through it and leave for 30 mins. Pat with a towel and then hang upside down. Doing it this way gets lots of lift and it always retains it's shape perfectly. You can wear it straight off the hook this way and it'll look great. If it does need a brush, then all you need is a couple of strokes with a paddle brush or tangle tamer (available from aspire hair) and you're ready to go!

This was one of the first wigs I ever got from Emma and I've have consistently worn it! Couldn't do without this and if you fancy a bob in your collection this is a must!

My very first Codi bought from Emma 2 years ago! Sleek - straight out the box!

Trying on a blonde Codi! I am not a blonde!!! Also, does not do the Codi justice at all! Note Emma's reflection in the mirror giggling at me!

Mid-life of the Codi, on my way to work...

Another mid-life picture...

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South


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