My first month running Aspire Hair South

Having never been self-employed before, there's so many things you don't think about, even if you have played an integral part in the running of an established business. 

For me, I'm still working in another job for the family firm, but taking on Aspire Hair and establishing the Southern Branch goes beyond work and supports my passion! I absolutely love wigs! I've come to terms with being bald, love changing my hair on a daily basis, and as you may have seen in my previous post, want to help ensure people get a positive wig experience rather than the negative ones I had! 

When Emma asked me to take on the Southern branch, I was absolutely delighted! What better way to help people and fulfil my passion for wigs?! Now a month on and it's been incredible already!

There have certainly been some challenges; I haven't sorted my business cards fast enough and have been nagged by some potential referrers (oops). I've struggled to get Twitter started and currently have just 44 followers (@AspireHairSouth if you've taken pity on me) and yet it's been fantastic! 

I got my first enquiry via Twitter after just 1 week and although she is too far away for a consultation, I've provided lots of options via email for potential new wigs and styles. I've had my first consultation (albeit a practice with a friend) and I've now got three more in the pipeline. I'm finishing the final part of my Aspire Hair training next Saturday 19th April and running a clinic with Emma that day so people can get two consultants at the same time. After that, it's out on my own, well nearly!

One thing I have been suprised about is just how supportive everyone has been and what great emails Emma has been receiving to say congratulations. There are lots of plans in the pipeline but right now I'm happy with the first month of Aspire Hair South and looking forward to making it grow.

If you are down South and want a consultation, please get in touch! Plus if you want the chance of a double consultation with both Emma and I, then there are a few spaces left on Saturday 19th! 

Aspire Hair South is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire just two minutes off the M5 motorway! I don't have a snazzy salon like Emma just yet, but it's quiet, relaxed and private! 

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South


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