The Amber #Wig - a review by Victoria from #AspireSouth

At the beginning of March, I 'popped' up to see Emma #AspireNorth to discuss working together, training and general wig 'stuff'. Whilst there, I undertook my normal routine of flipping over wigs, trying them on for fun, and getting to grips with everything new on the shelves!

After trying a disastrous short grey wig (just to see what I will look like old) and a number of others to boot, I made the mistake of picking up the Amber wig and placing it on my head! Big big mistake! It was like that perfect pair of shoes or jeans that you try on in a shop, only to have trouble taking them off even for a second! We've all been there at least once - asking the cashier to scan the label whilst still actually wearing the garment! Well that was me in the truly gorgeous Amber wig! Here goes an honest and hopefully helpful review...

Cap construction: 10/10 The cap construction of the Amber wig has a monofilament panel on top, creating a soft and comfortable base. The back and sides are machine made weft giving a soft and comfortable fit and then the whole wig is adjusted at the back with elasticated strips. For me personally, the method of adjustment is perfect - fabric backed with Velcro rather than metal loops, which helps prevents irritation to the excema which sometimes results from wig wearing! The adjustable nape also means it fits me better and feels much more secure given my non-average head measurements!

Fit: 9/10 As stated, the cap is adjusted by two small Velcro tabs at the nape which means a secure, perfect fit for any wearer. This gives added security and ensures the wig feels safe and secure always.

The style: 9/10 interestingly, since losing my hair, this is the closest I have come to finding a similar style. It's long and curly, yet still lightweight, has plenty of movement, and unlike other wigs, doesn't have an overwhelming amount of hair. There is a slight fringe, but it scoops naturally away from the face and the edge of the cap is softened by hair fibres which prevent a harsh line. I have had nothing but compliments for this wig and it is already my favourite long style! 

The colour: 9/10 as mentioned in a previous blog, I am a brunette through and through, but the brunette Amber wig also contains red fibres. Not ginger or auburn, but red. These could do with being slightly better distributed and less like badger stripes, but that said, I am only being picky when looking really closely and inspecting every inch. The overall colour is natural and flattering and a brilliant wig.

The fibres: 10/10 as soon as I touched this wig, I realised it was different to other synthetic wigs. Whilst looking natural, most synthetic wigs are quite wiry and the individual fibres are machine made, so difficult to get really thin. This wig has a completely different feel which is hard to describe in this blog post, but it feels incredible. Really natural and a gorgeous quality. Not quite human hair, but the best I've found.

Maintenance: 8/10 I haven't had to wash or condition this wig yet, so will update the post when I have, however I have had to brush it. Like any long wig, it automatically knots and therefore needs careful brushing. I use the tangle tamer (available from aspire ;-)) and this works well through the knots. The only downside is as you brush, the curls drop slightly and flatten which lessens the overall look. I have found however it is simple to rectify, wetting my palms and scrunching the bottom of the wig.

Overall, this is one of my favourite wigs and may even work its way to the top of the list. It is definitely rivalling the Codi - which for those of you who know me is a big deal - and will definitely be part of my capsule Wigdrobe! 

Quite an old pic, (I was really young) but this is my natural hair:

And this is me in the gorgeous Amber wig last week:

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South


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