News on Aspires Southern Branch

As you all know, Aspire is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and I feel very privileged that clients travel to come and see me for a consultation. I also understand that for a lot of my lovely clients this can prove very difficult too. Work and family commitments and the like can make it hard and one of the things with alopecia is that we all have those bad days from time to time when everything just feels like too much effort!

Bearing all of this in mind it gives me great pleasure to let you all know that we will now be offering the Aspire service in Cheltenham at our new Southern branch. Consultations will be run by a wonderful lady named Victoria Petkovic-Short and I feel that she is the perfect person to be branching out with :) Victoria also suffers from alopecia and wears alternative hair on a daily basis. She is not afraid to 'Bare all' though and has a wonderful positive attitude which is what Aspire is all about.

After meeting Victoria and her mum two years ago at a consultation, Victoria and I became friends and kept in regular contact. It was lovely to see her confidence grow after her first consultation with me and one of the things Victoria and her mum both said was that speaking with someone else who had alopecia made a huge difference. I remember simply whipping my hair off during that first consultation and the look of surprise on both of their faces! Angie said just one word "Fantastic" ...

The move to open up a southern branch of Aspire feels very natural to me and i think now is the the right time to do this. I hope all my fantastic clients will agree! I don't doubt they will :)

Have a great day everyone!
Emma xxx (Aspire Sheffield)


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