My #AlopeciaJourney - Victoria from Aspire South

A tear trickled down my face and plopped into my lap, staining a little dark patch on my jeans. I gripped the steering wheel tighter and sniffed, blinking rapidly to stop the inevitable flow of tears. Pulling in at the next lay-by, I took a few deep breaths and worked to pull myself together before driving the remaining mile home. In through the gates and it was straight to mum for a cuddle and a really good cry!

That was the first day it really sunk in that I was losing my hair. It was April, just before my birthday, and my hair had been dropping out steadily for just over two months. Initially, it hadn't been a problem, just a tiny patch on the left side of my head, but over the following months, one patch became two, two became four and each grew steadily in size until they started to merge together. That day in April, I was at the petrol station in Morrisons, using a the pump opposite a group of five 'boy racers' filling up a Peugeot 206. A gust of wind had blown across the forecourt and lifted my carefully crafted hairstyle which strategically covered the growing patches. My largest bald patch was exposed and it felt like slow motion as one of the lads spotted me and pointed it out to his mate's. I kept myself together as they laughed, refusing to dissolve into tears and give them the satisfaction. Instead, I calmly left it on show, completed my fill up and paying at the pump before driving off as though nothing had happened. 

I'm lucky enough to say that is the ONLY bad experience I have had relating to the reaction of others and I've been lucky enough to have really really supportive people around me! It took that incident though to get me to face the truth that the hair loss wasn't a passing phase, but was actually happening and needed to be dealt with. It was the start of my journey to acceptance and since then, I've gone on an emotional but rewarding pathway. It's full of cliches, but I've changed a lot since that first patch of hair and now, I'm most definitely a stronger person!  

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair (Southern Branch) 


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