Micas new hair :)

I first met Mica a few years ago after having her details sent to me by the little princess trust charity in the UK. 

Mica was around 15 years old at that time and was fighting her second battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma. I remember walking into her bedroom to show her and her mum and gran some wigs and I was overwhelmed at how ill this young girl was and how brave and strong she was to be fighting cancer. She greeted me with a smile. I honestly don't know how she managed it she looked so sick. I didn't think a persons skin could actually ever be that shade of grey/green yet still she smiled. 

I ran a short consultation, taking Micas lead and was able to provide her with a human hair wig of my own design that she really liked. 

We kept in touch via Facebook and text and I was so happy to see her win her battle and go into remission over the next year. 

Mica discovered another lump and again fought and battled to beat cancer. After her third experience of cancer she contacted me again and expressed an interest in having me do her hair extensions. Between us we decided on a plan of action and decided to integrate a hair enhancer with individual extensions to create her new look. Pictures below! I'll be asking mica to come back for regular check up appointments to make sure 1) she's happy and 2) her extensions are holding well. 

What do you think? Feedback welcome... 

Emma xxx
Aspire North 


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