Colour matching to my shoes?!

As Emma will gladly tell you, I am absolutely addicted to wigs and have not only come to terms with being bald, but have started to love the flexibility it gives me. I change on a daily basis and have short, medium and long ones, curly, wavy and straight, but always, always in varying shades of brown. I have always been a brunette and it suits me; I've tried on blonde and I look ill, red and I look like the living dead! Nope, definitely brown for me!

Earlier today, I came across this delightful story in the Bangor Daily News - profiling a Fashion Emporium from 1914, which started stocking coloured wigs just so you could match them to your dress! Blue, lavender, pink, yellow or green, 'direct from Paris', they were considered quite scandalous! A gimmick most definitely, but it did make me wonder why it had never occurred to me to start using wigs like this type of accessory. I already have outfits which suit a particular hair length or style, yet I have never ventured into brightly coloured wigs or matched them perhaps to my shoes! Is this something I should be considering?! Or maybe it hasn't occurred to me because it is just plain wrong?!

My absolutely favourite line in this article is this one following news that the wigs would be worn by live models "the rush to get to the store assumed the proportions of an assault on the ticket windows at the World Series" which just conjures the most wonderful image of wigs in demand. The article does clarify that the take up of these wigs is unknown, but I love even the small possibility that wigs took the fashion world by storm and wonder if now is the time for a renaissance?! Green wig anyone?

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair (Southern Branch) 

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