A girl can dream...

When considering buying a house (hypothetically), I jokingly said to my boyfriend that I'd have to have a separate room for my wigs. A walk in wig room, preferably like the wardrobe from Princess Diaries, where all my wigs are catalogued, all my accessories and care products are in individual drawers and preferably, I would have a wig washer too! In my dreams of course, (unless I win next weeks' Euromilllions), but wouldn't it be lovely?! A whole room dedicated to potentially the most perfect accessory?!

Well it appears I am not the only one with that dream! I came across this delightful story on eCanada Now which talks about Singer Cher. Writing of her concert tours and sell-out shows, the story details a unique, (and in my view absolutely fantastic), diva request which is built into all her contracts - a separate room for her wigs!

So whilst most of us are dreaming of what it would be like to have 365 wigs arranged on beautiful shelves and lit 'just so', Cher demands a room kitted out for safekeeping of her wigs and hairpieces. In cases where a separate wig room cannot be provided, Cher is instead happy to have a room which will accommodate both her wigs and her costumes! Wow!

One day I will get there, but for now, I will just have Wig Room Envy of the famous Cher! Lucky Girl!

Victoria xxx 
Aspire South 

Original article: http://www.ecanadanow.com/entertainment/2014/03/18/celeb-demands-cher-demands-a-wig-room-at-concert-venuesc/ 


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