Your Follea Wig - Straight Out Of The Box! 

Welcome to today's Post in my week long series of 'How To's' with your Follea wig :) Today I wanted to show you how your new Follea wig can be 100% wearable and natural looking right out of the box ..... no cutting needed! With just a little know how and some basic styling you really don;t have to panic if that salon appointment is weeks after the arrival of your new Follea. 

Read on for more tips and trick on how achieve this. I hope you guys enjoy it :) 

First i want you to position and secure your new Follea wig onto your Follea Care head ready for styling. If you need pins to do do this then go ahead and insert some pins at each ear tab and insert to in the nape area. 

The first thing I do is to decide on where id like my parting to be positioned. Also have a little think about the kind of parting you want. Do you want it to extend quite far back on your head? Or would you prefer a smaller length parting that then moves back at the crown area giving the appearance of more volume? 
Once your made your choice i want you to take your water spray bottle and lightly mist the top section of your Follea wig. Comb through and re mist if needed. The idea here is to damp the hair down where you'd like your parting to sit. Doing this makes the hair more positionable (Is that a real word??) and will ensure the hair doesn't bounce back which can be pretty annoying! 

Using your tail comb, trace the tail through the hair and map out your parting position .... like this ... 

Comb through at either side of your parting to ensure the hair is sitting flat against the base of your Follea wig. If its not, re mist with you water spray and comb through again until it sits flat. 

Next i want you to take out your hair dryer and attach the smoothing nozzle onto the end of it. Starting at either the front or the back of you new parting i want you to blow dry the hair in a downward motion as shown below. Don't be afraid of getting your hairdryer to close to the hair! We will be working for such a short time on this area that you wont cause any damage i promise :) 

Continue to do this until all the hair is dry and sits flat against the base. Operation position the parting complete! Well done. 

You can now go ahead and straighten or curl your Follea wig if you'd like to :) I decided id give this one a quick run through with the hair straighteners

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