The Victoria Wig - Jon Renau SmartLace Collection

Today were going to be taking a look at the Victoria wig from Jon Renaus SmartLace collection of wigs. Victoria has been another great selling wig in my salon this past year. The style defiantly an easy to wear one and it does tend to suit most face shapes. If your enjoying catching up on what I've been up to on Diary of a self confessed wig addict then please feel free to like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and start pinning and re-pinning with me on Pinterest :)

The Victoria wig comes in pre styled and ready to wear. Some of our customers like to have a few alterations made to the style though these alterations are generally very small. A shorter side fringe or even a full fringe can be added in just a few moments if that's what you'd like to have done.

Victoria is made using high quality synthetic fibre that's a light - medium density overall. This style reminds me so much of the Codi wig by Amore. If your a fan of the Codi but feel that Codi's density may be a little heavy then  the Victoria could be a great option for you as its that bit lighter.

Like the Adrianna wig (I featured this is yesterdays Blog post) the Victoria is 100% hand-tied with no wefts in the cap construction.Victoria also has a welded lace front which allows you to wear this wig without a fringe and you can also wear your hair away from your face which is nice for when you fancy a change in look.

The Victoria also features a full Monofilament top which allows you to part the hair where ever you want to. Left, Right, centre, zig zag ..... where ever you fancy! As i mentioned yesterday, so ladies find the lace front to be a little harsh in feel on the Jon Renau SmartLace wigs. Personally, i don't have any problems with them but check back on the blog later on in the week where I'll be putting some of YOUR questions to one of Jon Renaus sales managers over in California, and getting her feedback on what can be done about any issues you may have had with your smartlace wigs.

A closer look at the cap construction shows just how light this wig is. I'm pretty sure that the tag that comes attached to this wig may actually weigh more than the wig itself! It really is that light ... 

What do you think of the Jon Renau smart lace collection? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below. You can also leave your comments on my Facebook page, Tweet me or join me on Pinterest :) 

Until tomorrow ... take care! :) 


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