The Haute Smart Lace Wig - Jon Renau

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Today I wanted to put the Haute wig by Jon Renau in the spotlight. Lets jump right on in and take a look at this lovely style from Jon Renau ...

The Haute wig is from Jon Renau's Smart lace collection and its a just above the shoulder length bob that can worn just as it comes customised to suit your needs.

The hair is made out of a high quality, heat resistant fibre that you can straighten, curl and even blow dry.

I've found that the HD fibre is a little courser than Jon Renaus standard synthetic fibre and extra special care does need to be taken when it comes to cutting. Ideally you'll want to wash the wig first using products from Jon Renaus HD care collection and then pin the hair into position and allow it to dry naturally (for example if you wanted to cut a fringe into this wig you'd comb the wet hair forward and clip it in to position and allow it to dry before cutting)

Taking a look at the Haute from the back you can see that it is pretty much all one length. There is a little layering in the back that looks really pretty when its curled.

The cap construction on the Haute is a little different from the wigs I've featured earlier on in the week on my Blog. The Haute has a Monofilament parting that's positioned just off centre. The mono part allows you to position the parting within approx a 1.5-2 inch area to either side.
The welded lace front from temple to temple gives you the option to wear the hair away from your face and it looks very natural.
The back section of the Haute is machine made (wefted) and you can adjust the cap size using the nape straps :)

There is no denying that the Haute is yet another beautiful style from Jon Renau. It is priced slightly higher than their standard synthetic wigs due to the HD fibre but this wig will not last you any longer than a standard fibre wig.

Today's the last post for this weeks series on the Jon Renau smartlace wigs. There are lots of other styles to discover from this collection so feel free to browse my website to learn more.



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