Soft Waves - Follea Wig 

Creating soft waves or even tighter curls in your Follea wig is not difficult. Really! Its not.There are lots and lots of different ways of doing it but today I'm going to share with you the way i like to do it with my own Follea gripper wig. This method is easy, quick and soon you'll be doing it without even having to think about it! Lets get started ... 

You'll need the following to create your new hair style in your Follea wig

Your Follea wig 
Hair straighteners
Sectioning clips
Follea care head and clamp set
Pins (if needed) to secure your Follea wig to the care head

Once you've got everything you need together i want you to section your Follea wig as shown below. The sectioning is exactly the same as i described in my previous post (How To Flat Iron Your Follea). Once you have your wig sectioned you can start working on creating your new waves or curls.

Take you hair straighteners and switch them on. Id recommend investing in some straighteners that have a temperature control function on them. Set them to around 150-160. If you find you find that this temperature is not working so well for you then turn them up a little. or use smaller sections of hair when attempting to wave/curl them. Now i want you to take a section, starting at the nape and wrap this section loosely around two fingers as shown below. If you want to create more of a tighter curl than a loose wave then just wrap the section of hair around your fingers more tightly.

Pinch the wrapped hair and slide it off your fingers. Now take your hair straighteners and (CAREFULLY) clamp them down at the top of the hair like this 

Keep squeezing the irons open and closed and keep them constantly moving. Mind your fingers! A heat protection glove can be used if your a little worried about catching yourself. 
Once heated, let the curl fall into the palm of your hand and squeeze quickly before releasing it. Ta Daaa! You've just created your first perfect wave :) 

Continue doing this, section by section until all the back section of your Follea wig is waved or curled. 

Now move onto the side section and repeat the process!

What i like to do is let all the waves cool for 5 minutes or so and then separate them a little with my fingers for a more relaxed look :) 

And it doesn't have to stop there ladies! Get your thinking caps on and create different styles with your Follea wig. 

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