Jon Renau - The Adrianna Smart lace wig

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Lets jump straight into today's Blog post on the Jon Renau SmartLace collection! Today I'm going to be talking about the Adrianna wig.

The Adrianna wig is one of my favourite styles from Jon Renau. Its not too long but still long enough and it comes ready to wear with a really pretty natural wave texture in it.

This wig is synthetic so you have to take all the usual precautions when it comes to keeping the hair away from heat etc

As with all synthetic wigs that are below the shoulder in length, id recommend a good anti-friction spray to ensure you get the best from your new hair. 

As you can see from taking a look at the Adrianna from the back it has soft layers throughout the whole wig. I'm a fan of layers in wigs as i think they help soften the look and it also stops a longer length wig being too thick and UN-manageable.

The wave in the fibre is a little tighter when it first arrives. I brushed this out a little using my fingers for a more natural look. 

The Monofilament top on the Adrianna allows you to part the hair where ever you want and it gives a really natural look at the parting too :)

The density on this wig is just above a medium. 

The cap construction on the Adrianna is something quite special i think. Especially for a wig that's made of synthetic fibre. It's 100% hand tied and has no wefts in its construction. Adrianna also has a monofilament top and a welded lace front.

Some people find the lace front a little sharp and scratchy. If your one of those people then check back on the blog later this week where I'll be speaking with someone from Jon Renau about why this is and (most importantly) what can be done about it.

What do you think of the Adrianna? Is it a style you could see yourself wearing? It really has been one of Aspires best sellers these past few months.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have any specific questions you'd like me to put to Jon Renau then give me a shout!

Take care :)





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