How To Flat Iron / Straighten Your Follea Wig

I get asked this question a lot. How do i  flat iron / straighten my Follea? I think sometimes, wearers can be pretty anxious about heat styling and caring for their new Follea wig. It's easy to understand why really! I was exactly the same when i got my very first gripper wig. Follea hair is an investment for many of us and we want to keep it as beautiful as possible for as long as possible.

I've put together a series of blogs on 'How to's' with your new Follea wig or hair piece that, I hope, will help guide you and reduce any worries or anxieties you may have about the care of it. So! Let's jump right on in and get started.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat iron. I'd recommend purchasing a flat iron that has a temperature control function on them. I'm a big fan of the Diva collection of styling tools. You can pick these up from any Sallys,  Alan Howards or online at Salons Direct.
  • Comb. You can get a really good 'Cutting Comb' for around £4 and it makes the whole process of straightening out your Follea (or any human hair wig) so much easier. 
  • Heat protection spray. You only need a mist of this per section.
  • Sectioning clips. You can get these for a small amount of money and trust me when I tell you they will serve you well! I get mine from sallys and i use the crocodile style sectioning clips as i prefer the way they grip the hair when I've sectioned it.
  • Your hair! Obvious i know but it is a thing you'll need so it deserves to appear on this list. You can straighten out your Follea wig on your head if you'd like to, but i think if your new to this then it would be much easier to do it on a Follea Care head. 
  • Follea care head and clamp. You can purchase your Follea care head through us here at Aspire Hair. 
  • Sewing pins. I call them this but i know that's not the technical name for them. At this particular moment though i cant for the life of me think of what there called (see pictures below). As soon as i remember, ill update :) 

Once you've got all the things you need together here's what were going to do ......

  1. Start by positioning your follea wig or hair piece on your Follea care head. Make sure the clamp is fitted securely to your chosen surface. If your Follea wig is secure on the care head then there may be no need to pin it into position. If you feel it has a little 'wriggle room' then use the pins to secure it.

   3. Set your straighteners to 150-160 and then take a section of hair at the nape that's approx an inch and a half wide. Comb through this section to remove any small tangles and then with the comb just away from the base of your Follea, support the section of hair and begin to lightly close the straighteners and slide them down the section. Use your comb as a guide and to keep the hair straight and in a downward position.

   4. Continue along the bottom section until all the hair has been straightened. Once done, Drop down another section and continue to work up to the top of the 'head' using the same steps until you've straightened out all of the back section.

   5. Now you should have a perfectly silky, straight and smooth back section! Well done :) Now you've straightened out the back, I bet you can notice the difference compared to the sides right? In terms of the hard work you've done so far you ll be happy to hear that the hard part is over......

   6. All that's left to do now is repeat the process on each side section of your Follea wig. This part takes far less time than the back so your almost finished.

   7. Once you've finished your sides, remove the pins and your ready to position your Follea wig on your own head and away you go! Well done, you've just straightened your new Follea wig like a pro.

Things to remember

  • Don't forget to use a mist of your heat defence spray in between sections. 
  • Never allow the straighteners to stop moving whilst straightening the hair. Doing so will cause you to over heat the hair and it will become dry.
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Now all that's left to do is go grab yourself a cuppa (or a glass of wine if your heading off out this evening) and celebrate the fact you've learnt something new today. Go on, you deserve it!

I'd love to hear your comments and feedback. Did you find this post helpful? What would you like to see in future posts on my blog?

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See you again soon for another 'How to' 


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