Easy Topsy twist style in your Follea Wig


A very quick and easy how to for you guys today. I post a lot of pictures of different styles i create in my own and clients Follea gripper wigs and the style I'm going to share with you all today is a bit of an exclusive for me (as in, i have not yet shared it on Facebook!)

This quick and easy style can be done by anyone. Its really that simple. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget you can like us on Facebook and keep up to date on the things i get up to, follow us on twitter and also follow us on Pinterest :)

Topsy Twist

You'll need the following ...
Your Follea, a comb or brush, hair elastics (the transparent ones work especially well for this style), your Follea care head and a Topsy Tail. I picked this pack of two up from my local Primark for around £2.00 i think it was. Bargain!

If you don't have a TopsyTail tool, you can easily do this style by following the steps below and instead of using the TopsyTail, use your fingers to pull the hair though :)

No excuses ladies! Lets get on with it ...

Position and secure your Follea wig onto the Follea care head and clamp to a stable surface. I like to tilt the head forward slightly as i find it makes it all a little easier for me to work on my Follea this way.

Loosely comb the hair back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. I'm using black bands in this picture as i couldn't find my transparent bands! All at the salon no doubt ....

Once secured, Take your TopsyTail (or use your fingers to create a 'hole' just in front of the elastic. Push the tail of the TopsyTail through this hole and loop the hair through the loop and pull it all through.
THAT'S IT! I told you it was easy :)

This is super easy to day but gives you a great look for any occasion. Wear it for work, nights out whatever! Add clips and hair decorations to it it give it a little bit more sparkle. 

I like to loosen out the hair so it doesn't look so polished. There are so many different hair designs you can create using this quick and easy method. I couldn't resist having a further play around with my TopsyTail and I've posted a few pictures below for you to take a look at :)


Have fun and take care :) For more great tips and tricks, inspiration and to follow what i get up to on my journey as a self confessed wig (hair and make up) addict then give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

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