Create the perfect bun in your Follea wig

Creating a stylish bun hair style in your Follea wig is simple. So simple in fact that i just know ANYONE can do it. I've really enjoyed writing posts this week that demonstrate how versatile wearing alternative hair can be. I could honestly go on forever! But i promised everyone a week of Follea and that week is almost at its end now. I hope you've all enjoyed this series! If you have then please take a moment to Follow/Subscribe to my blog and give me a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Id love to hear how you've got on with re creating the styles I've featured this week.

OK, Lets get right on with today's 'How To'.

For today's style you'll need the following

1) A doughnut bun form (any size)
2) Some hair grips (bobby / Kirby grips)
3) A comb
4) Your Follea hair and Follea care head
5) A couple of elastic no snag bands

Using your fingers, pull the hair of your Follea wig back to make a loose (ish) low ponytail. You can place the ponytail higher if you'd like to but for this tutorial i decided to go for a low ponytail.

Secure the pony with a transparent elastic hair band and brush your pony tail smooth ...

Next, Slip on your bun doughnut form. I got mine from Primark and it cost me £1.50 for a large one. The smaller ones are even cheaper!

Now here's the part i originally struggled with. How do you get the hair to split and cover all the doughnut! The best way to do this I've discovered, is to lay your Follea care head flat on its face (yes really!!) and using your comb, position and comb the hair until it covers up the doughnut form. It should then look a little something like the picture ti your right ...

The next step is to take another transparent elastic hair band and stretch it out for it goes over the bun form and secures the hair at the base of the ponytail.

Easy peasey right!

Now take a couple of bobby pins and secure any loose ends that remain by tucking them under the bun and securing with a grip. 

That's it! I think the next time I'm in Primark I'm going to treat myself to a few smaller bun forms as this one felt a little too big for my own personal tastes. Its a really simple style to create for an event or night out.

Tomorrow will be the last Blog this week on Follea wigs and i hope you've enjoyed the series! Next week is going to be focused on the Jon Renau SmartLace collection and i hope you ll be joining me to take a look at six of the best selling SmartLace wigs in my salon. Take care!


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