Insomnia or new hair excitement?

I'm afraid it's true. I really am THAT sad that the thought of getting new hair can quite literally keep me awake at night with excitement. Well, that and the fact that my legs have decided they are going to start cramping up everytime I lay down in bed! Don't ask .... Apparently a fibromyalgia problem (BOOOOOO) 

So, new hair is on it's way to me which excites me at the best of times. But I'm really excited about my latest 'new hair' as it's my new Follea Gripper wig that I'm waiting to arrive! I know I'm a complete Follea hair addict but the way I see it is I don't spend money on getting my bio hair cut and coloured every six weeks (granted it's because I have none!), I don't spend heaps of money on clothes and shoes for myself (Follea hair is far more precious in my head, or, on it should we say), I don't drink and I don't smoke (almost a year free of the ciggies! Had to get that one in :) so I allow myself the treat and luxury that is "natures most beautiful hair". 

'What a have you gone for this time!?' I hear you ask. I decided to go a little lighter and brighter with this follea gripper wig and ordered the Gripper2 Cool in the 14" layered length. I love this long length and even though it does take longer to wash, dry style etc I find I can have so much fun with it when it comes to styling. Updos, braids, curls, waves you name it, it can be done with the 14" layered length. 
I'm a size small in the follea gripper so no change there, so I ordered the small. I've gone for a bit of a colour change this time and ordered the C10030 which is FOLLEAS lightest blonde shade. Gary has already passed a few comments about how I will look like that ice queen chick from the narnia movies (I'm very pale skinned, with oldish blue/grey eyes haha) but I reckon it's nothing a bit a blush can't cure. Or perhaps he actually would like me to look like a nice queen! You never know ...... 😘 

Anyway, just a ramble blog really on me being excited about Follea hair and me being an insomniac tonight. I'll post again soon with lots of pics of my new hair and would love your comments and feedback on the new 'ice queen' look haha! 

Sleep well ladies! 

Aspire Hair 


annmarie said…
I'm so pleased to have come across your blog, been reading around a lot. Thank you. I hope you're feeling better.

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