Here's to a fantastic 2014!

I know it's not officially 2014 just yet BUT I thought I had best write this blog post before I fall a sleep! I'm a little under the weather today and after a steady day in the salon I'm now home and tucked up in bed with my Xmas PJ's on and my pom pom bed hat (yes really!!) 

I've just been having a little browse through Facebook and I have to say its a mixed bag this year in terms of what people of thinking of a new year. I see a certain number on my friends list saying "new year new me!" And then other saying that basically the "new year new me" is a load of crap and that come January 2nd everyone will be back to the same old same old ...... 

I've enjoyed reading through (most) of the posts from friends who have reflected on the past year. Lots of positive reflections and a few not so positive! Some people seem to be looking forward to seeing the back of 2013. 

For me, 2013 has been a mixed bag of events and emotions that have not all been rays of sunshine and cooing birds. But events that I feel have been 100% needed for me to get to where I am right now and to get to where I want to be at this time next year....... 

I opened my first salon in April 2013 after renovating it for a month solid before hand. I've introduced more fantastic ladies to follea hair this year than I had the previous year. I've learnt ALOT about who I can trust and rely on this year, compared to last year when I was a little more naive. I lost a close friend this year, cried an unbelievable amount and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and ME and then I cried even more. I've felt great and worked efficiently, and then I've had days where I've been in so much pain I've needed help washing and dressing. I consider myself very lucky to be like my dad in the respect that I'm stubborn! If I wasn't so stubborn I think it would be very tempting to take on a "I give up!" Attitude. But I won't, things could have been a lot worse after all ...... 

So what's the plan for 2014!? LOTS :) including (but by no means limited to ...) not stressing over the little things I can't control, enjoying spending time with my children and Gary more often, concentrating on my passions with work which include Follea Hair, helping ladies and gents with Alopecia and cancer find natural solutions and supporting them, focusing more on my blog! I love blogging and it seems ridiculous that I don't find the time to do something on a regular basis that I enjoy so much. Looking after myself. No more burning the midnight oil! 

I could go on forever! But I won't .... The purpose to this post is to wish you all a very happy new year. So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Have a great night and here's to a fantastic 2014 😘

Love from Emma xxx
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