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I've gone and caught the dreaded sore throat and cold bug that's flying around right now! I feel like its really knocked the wind out of me, so much in fact that I took a full day off of work in the salon and that's just not me at all! Even though I wasn't at work bricks and mortar style ....... I was still sat with the trusty old iPad on my lap and my daughter Mya and. Got to thinking of ways I could use my 'sick day' and make it a little more productive .......... 

I see a lot of ladies during consultations that are new to wigs and hair pieces. I remember when I first started out searching for a suitable wig and it was so confusing I cried! Mono, silk, lace and PU are just a few of the materials used to create wigs these days and its easy to see why some women start to feel more than a little overwhelmed by everything. 

I mean, it's hard enough when your losing your hair to Alopecia, having to deal with the change in your appearance and the emotional side of things. Throw the complex world of wigs into the equation and it has the tendency to push even the most patient and calm person well on their way to breaking point. 

With this in mind, I thought it may be helpful to write a short (ish) ebook on the subject. Kind of like an 'introduction to wigs' guide that women could download and read at a time convenient to them. I don't know about you, but I can guarantee that when I'm super busy at work or home with my family and I find something I'm interested in reading I just don't have the time right then and there! I'm sure lots of women are exactly the same and the beauty of an ebook is that you can download it and save it to your computer or mobile device and read it as and when. I also like to print things out too and refer back to them at a later date should I need or chose to :) 

Back to the ebook ......... I'm currently putting the finishing touches to it and spell checking and formatting it. My original draft was to include five sections to the ebook. The problem was evident right away ........ Five sections all in one ebook was going to be waaaaaaaaay to long for a mini workshop! So, my original plan if action has now been broken down into a five series ebook! I really hope you all like it. And the he's thing about it! It's FREE! 

Ill pop a link on my blog when it's available to download :) 

Emma xxx 

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