Alopecia Flash Mob 2013

Nerves were tingling and the excitement was buzzing as around 80 of us waited to do the Alopecia flash mob in Liverpool city centre yesterday (Sunday 1st September) . I can't speak for every member of the group but I felt a bit like an undercover, secret agent as I tried to 'blend' in with shoppers with my hoody on and not look too nervous or suspicious! 

For some people amongst the group, it would be the very first time revealing their Alopecia to anyone other than close family members and friends but the feeling I got was a true strength in numbers attitude ! I myself felt incredibly nervous .... Funnily my nerves were focused more on the fact I had to dance in public completely sober! You see, after a few alcoholic beverages .... I'm an exceptional dancer . Or at least, I believe I am :D sober ? The reality is I'm un co-ordinated and extremely self conscious ! 

The music started and our amazing Zumba and dance expert started the routine. Oh gosh! This was the make or break moment. A true fight or flight reaction was building as I nervously looked around me at equally terrified expressions on some of the other ladies faces. So do we fight? Or do we flight!? 

I'm happy to say in a true strength in numbers moment every single one of us ran , hopped and/or skipped into that Alopecia flash mob fighting. It was an incredible moment. Ill admit, my timing went out of the window. I'm sure at one point I was just stood there looking around at everyone else trying to find my way back into the dance routine but you know what? It didn't matter. We all danced our hearts out and gave it our all and (after reviewing the video footage of the flash mob) I have to admit we looked pretty amazing. 

The music tempo changed and "True colours" by Cyndi Lauper started playing. I was incredibly grateful at that moment to be given the chance to breath ..... Re adjust my bra ..... And pull my leggings back into a more appropriate position! We all joined hands wearing our t shirts "I have Alopecia" and supportive family members of the crowd and fantastic friends joined the mob proudly wearing their " I love someone with Alopecia" t shirts. 

Next came the big moment of revealing our Alopecia. Removing our hair and letting everyone in Liverpool centre know the extent of our Alopecia which for me, is total baldness. The beautiful lady to my left was shaking as I held her hand and I couldn't resist what I hope was a reassuring, gentle squeeze and a glance over and smile to show my support to her. My amazing and beautiful friend, victoria, was to my right and she received the same gentle hand squeeze. It was an amazingly moving moment for me as I realised just how brave every single one of these ladies were for doing this. A major turning part for many of us! 

The reaction from the crowd was wonderful! Claps of applause and support pushed everyone of us to tears and hugs were exchanged and well dones were shouted! 

Even my boyfriend Gary who I've been with for the last nine years was choked up with tears in his eyes (sorry Gary ..... Manly pride and all that) 

Ill never forget it. Well done to for their hard work in putting together the flash mob and looking after us all so well over the weekend! 

Did you see the flash mob in Liverpool? 

Do you have Alopecia? 

Please feel free to comment below! 


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