Review on the Supplex wig by Trendco

I always love it when a client emails or calls us months after they have purchased new hair from us saying they would like to write a review :) 

I had an email around a week ago from a lovely day who travelled quite anyway to see us in the salon in Sheffield and she has been so happy with her Supplex hair (by Trendco) that she wanted to write a review to let everyone know of her experiences with the Supplex and us here at Aspire Hair. Read on to learn more .....

" I purchased my first Supplex Wig the beginning of June. I have now been wearing it solidly every day for nearly three months. So far I have had a great experience with the Supplex. I was previously wearing synthetics which would not last me long before I had to purchase a new one. I did not feel secure in the synthetics at all, I have a very petite head and as you probably know the petite wig range very limited. Anyway the Supplex petite fitted me like a glove, it was fantastic to put it on and feel safe and secure, I can put my head upside down and shake it really vigorously and there is not chance of it slipping off even without any tape for extra security. Wonderful feeling! 

I had previously been warned that the hair quality on the Supplex was not great but to be honest I am happy with it. I do condition it regularly (I like Great Hair conditioner, can be purchased from Asda, good conditioner at a budget price) but I would do that with any hairpiece so that it could look its best. I would advise that you try and stay away from heat though, when I use heat I can tell that it is drying out the hair and will moisturise it intensely afterwards. I am confident that I will be able to make it through the next 2 or 3 months with this wig. Any shedding is minimal. It looks great in a wavy style. I think the hairline is very natural, for once I had no fringe put in and I really don't think that anyone would notice it was a wig, trust me I have had enough people analyse my hairline albeit subtly and know that they think something is not quite right. I can honestly say that that has not happened to me since wearing it.

People say that suction wigs are hot but I do not find that to be the case, I can do a good brisk walk to work (2 plus miles) on a hot summers day without any problems. I do find that sometimes if I sweat too much under the cap that the skin can get irritable but I have atopic eczema so I am probably just very sensitive and may not be a problem for others.  I just make sure I give my head breathing time whilst at home. Any the funny thing is even if my skin is sore and itchy on my head the minute I put this on I cannot feel that it is a problem, only when I take it off. I suppose it is because it like a second skin. 

I think the only downside is that I struggle to keep the nape of the next stuck down. The ear tabs stay down fine but at the nape it releases easily, perhaps I have not yet found the right tape, I may try some tape with glue but to be honest I'm sure it is just me that notices. However, of late I have discovered that if I tuck the nape of the neck back under so that it fold back into the cap, hope hat makes sense, I am actually quite comfortable without any tape. 

I would definitely recommend going to see Emma if you can. She is very helpful and it is nice to have someone who knows what they are talking about. She has so much experience of her own to help you with and made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Sorry for the very lengthy review, but when I was researching the Supplex I could actually find very little about it. I very glad I went for it in the end and it has improved my confidence no end, so much so that I am even back out dating :) I hope this will be helpful to others. " 

Do you have feedback on a wig or hair piece that you would like to submit to us to feature in one of our blogs? If so then please do get in touch. I know myself as a hair wearer that every review is helpful! 

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