The hair grip comfort band :)

After almost 20 years of wearing hair I can pretty much say that I'm used to how a wig feels on my head. After that amount of time they have almost created their own 'groove' on my head if you like ..... And tend to just slot into position with out to much fuss! 

I do, however, have days when I feel a little uncomfortable, irritated and sweaty! Very lady like eh!? 

So with the above facts in mind I was very excited at being asked to trial one of the new hair grip velvet comfort bands and then writing a review on it. 

So here the theory behind the band. 

1) you wear the band around your hairline and then pop your wig on top of the band.
2) it claims to make the whole experience of wig wearing more comfortable.
3) it claims to offer grip and extra security. 

I decided to put the hair grip to the test on a busy day in the salon and my synthetic wig of choice for that day was the Julia smart lace wig by Jon Renau. 

Positioning the band on my head was pretty easy. Full instructions are given on the back of the pack that the hair grip came in but I found my own way with it and found myself wearing it with the logo in a different position to the way it was recommended. This is down to the fact that I have sticky out ears! And I just found it more comfortable to wear the hair grip with the logo just off centre instead if at the side of my head :) 

The first thing I noticed when I popped my Julia wig in was that it instantly did feel more secure. I have a petite size head and the Julia is an average size so I'm used to it moving around a little when I scratch my head or tuck the hair behind my ear but the hair grip did stop this happening which I found pretty cool. 

The hair grip definitely made wearing Julia more comfortable. At first it was hard to judge it. But I worked all day in my Julia wig with the hair grip underneath it and then kept the wig on until around 11.30pm that evening and I found that I didn't scratch at the nape area of my head at all really thanks to the hair grip! This is pretty amazing for me as I have very sensitive skin and any wig other than my FOLLEA gripper wig does tend to have me scratching away after just an hours wear at my nape :-/ 

So the golden question is ........ Would I recommend it? The answer is yes I defiantly would! It does exactly what t claims to do and it's affordable. You can also machine wash on delicate or hand wash it as and when is needed. My opinion is once you try the hair grip you will want to use it everyday if you wear anything other than FOLLEA gripper, vacuum wig or bonded system. 

10/10 from myself and aspire hair :) 

And just so everyone knows ..... We will be stocking this nifty little hair grip within the next few weeks :) 

Emma xxx 


Ghostwriter said…
Emma needs to learn how to spell!

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