The FOLLEA aero2 wig - stunning!

Ok, so it's true that I tend to blog an awful lot about FOLLEA but you won't catch me apologising about it. For me, FOLLEA offer the best hair quality and a variety of practical, comfortable and natural cap constructions with their wigs and hair pieces. My main focus has been the FOLLEA gripper2 wig and I wear this piece myself but me and my customers have also become fans of the aero2 wig and what it has to offer for hair wearers. 

* the FOLLEA aero2 wig can be worn by anyone, and I mean ANYONE! Weather you are suffering from medical related hair loss such as Alopecia or thinning or if you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment or even if you have a full head of hair already! The FOLLEA aero2 can work for anyone who is wanting to wear follea a exquisite alternative hair creations. 

* the FOLLEA aero2 wig features an open lace front that covers the temple to temple area. This means that you can wear your new hair without a fringe/bangs and off of your face if you would like to. The hair looks like it is growing right out if your scalp. Very clever :) 
Also, providing the fit is good (and FOLLEA can adjust wigs at their factory to make sure the fit is good) then the aero2 requires no glue or tape to secure the open lace front. Another bonus if, like me, you suffer from sensitive skin. 

* the FOLLEA aero2 has a lace top so you can have total freedom over your parting position. Left, right, centre or zig zag! The choice is 100% yours. 

* the aero2 has a close lined, wefted back. I know what you might be thinking .... Why put a wefted back in a wig that a) is expensive and b) is made using the finest quality European Remy ponytail hair ? It's a question I asked Follea when I first started out on my own FOLLEA journey and I answer I was given makes total sense. The wig will shed far LESS with the close lined wefted back than it would if the area was hand tied. Think about it ...... How many hand tied wigs have you had in the past that have shed like crazy when you brush them, wash them and style them out? Chances are your answer will be much like my own. Quite a few! Even the best hand tied wig will eventually shed out, and the aero2 will eventually shed and thin out too, it's not indestructible! But it will do it far less with a wefted back. So you get longer with your FOLLEA wig (which is great) as, once you have a FOLLEA, then the chances are you won't want to be going back to any other wig. 

My customers are falling in love with follea hair on a daily basis :) and one very kind client of ours has sent us across some fabulous pictures of herself wearing her FOLLEA aero2 for you all to see. Take a look below and please feel free to share this blog! 


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