Alopecia - annoying re-growth !

When I first lost all of my hair, aged twelve, I was devastated :( I hated having Alopecia and spent quite a few years feeling totally and utterly miserable and depressed. My family and friends worked hard with me to help me re gain my confidence and from the age of around eighteen I finally started to accept myself and my Alopecia and I was able to move forward with my life. 

This is a blog post I NEVER thought I would be writing but hear goes ........ I have a grumble about my Alopecia and the problem is re growth! 

Having spent the last 18 years getting used to my Alopecia I have embraced the positive aspects of the condition. For example ....

1) no more leg shaving. Yey :) 
2) no under arm hair :D my friends have always been extremely envious of this! 
3) super smooth skin (due to the lack of hairs) 
4) the fact that I don't have to wax or tweeze annoying hairs from my face! 

The above "positives" of Alopecia I have grown to become pretty proud of. So you can imagine my shock horror when I discovered a few months ago that I had started to grow hairs under my armpits! But it hasn't stopped there .... I'm also now the proud owner of almost a full set of eyebrows (it's a tad unfortunate that they have decided to grow BELOW my perfectly defined set of Spmu eyebrows ) , almost a full set of white eyelashes (their short, spiky and annoy me .. they tickle!) and BLACK hairs on my *whispers in a low, embarrassed tone* big toes!!! I don't mean to come across as ungrateful or anything but really ???? Not a hair on my head yet I get hair growth in places where I would,as a woman, really prefer not to have any hair at all! 

The underarm hair has lead me along to my very first waxing appointment at the age of thirty. I don't recommend it. It bloody hurts!! I've taken to having to shave my big hairy toes (sexy huh?) at least once a fortnight and I have to regularly endure the absolute TORTURE that is eyebrow tweezing or threading which again is so painful I literally find myself crying my eyes out and squeeling like a crazy woman while my friend almost falls on the floor laughing at me. 

What I want to know is ..... Why on earth are the hair follicles in unwanted areas starting to spring into action whilst I'm still left with a head as smooth as a babies bottom!? Random, bizarre, annoying and painful to remove :-/ 

Well that's my grumble for the day .....l never in a million years would I have thought I would grumble about re growth but there you go! 

Enjoy the rest if the week everyone :) 

Emma xxx 


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