The new salon - my vision!

I could never fully appreciate just how much hard work goes into creating a salon until we actually got the keys to our new shop and then thought "OK, so lets get started!"

One thing that I knew for sure is that I wanted to create a separate, private treatment / consultation room for my clients who have hair loss and I wanted this space to be a good size! I can remember when I was younger going into local wig shops and going into small rooms to try on wigs that made me feel uncomfortable and a little claustrophobic , so I was keen to create a totally different experience for my clients. No clutter, no slipping into the bad habit of using the room as a storage / consultation room, just a nice, decent sized, private room :)

Gary got to work on building my room consultation room for me and I'm happy to say that it's now up, secure and it's a good size just like I wanted. We could have made two separate rooms but, like I said, I wanted a room not a cupboard.

While Gary was building the consultation room my mind really got to racing on what else I wanted the new salon to be about. You'll notice I keep referring to the new place as a salon, not a wig shop. Another one of my worries when I was younger was the whole drama of actually walking into a wig shop! Again, that made me feel uncomfortable, my head always sempt to be down, I felt self conscious and awkward ..... Not a nice feeling! Of course there is no need to feel this way we all know that! But I know how scary and daunting it can be taking that step in to the world of alternative hair. So with this emotion deeply embedded into my memory, I decided that I was not going to have the word "wig" on my shop front sign. Instead I have decided that the name on the front of my shop will simply read "ASPIRE" everyone who needs to find the shop will know its us, and those who are not looking for us direct will be interested as to what we actually do!

I spent many hours thinking about, and speaking with clients, friends and family members, about what kind of feel I wanted the salon to take on. In the end I realised the answer to this question had been with me all along! I wanted to create a place that was modern and had a boutique feel to it. That looked luxurious and inviting and a place that felt relaxing :) hence the gorgeous damask print feature wall and the light wood effect floor.

Hair display has been a big question for me. Do I kit the salon out with lots of display heads? Non at all? I decided on displaying ready made wigs and hair pieces in a slightly less heard of way! I got the idea from an American company who sell some of the most gorgeous wigs I have ever seen. The way they display them is on neat and tidy sections of grid wall, using specially made hooks. As soon as I saw their display I knew that's what I wanted to do in the salon. Imagine a wall of alternative, gorgeous hair! In a display of browns ... Reds .... Blondes ... Greys! Etc. a kind of walk in closet for hair, only it's not displayed in a closet!

For our stock of FOLLEA wigs and hair pieces I wanted to create something extra special. I knew right away that I wanted to display the FOLLEA gripper wig in an upside down way, to show how secure the gripper actually is! So for the FOLLEA display I've gone for a glass cabinet featuring an upside down head and a gripper :) For the other FOLLEA wigs and pieces we have in stock I have gone for a display using heads and wigs.

As well as offering the same services we offer already, we have a few additions to our service list thanks to a group of amazing ladies who will be coming into the salon on set days. New services are listed below ....

💜 Professional make up artistry and air brush make up artistry. Emily is literally qualified to the hilt! Right on up to salon management level and she is amazing at what she does. Emily can help boost your confidence by bringing out your best features using her fabulous make up techniques and she can help you with strip lash attachment as well as eyebrows using stencils and specialist brow powders.

💜 SPMU is available on set dates for clients interested in having their eyebrows and lash lines re created.

I can't wait for all the work to be finished on the salon so I can post up some pictures! Ill blog again about the salon as soon as we are all set to go, which, by the way is on Friday the 19th April!

Emma xxx
Aspire hair co uk


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