Skinvelop skin care

My skin is naturally awkward and sensitive. There's not much I can actually use in my skin without it reacting and before I know it I'm in the middle of a full blown breakout! It's ironic as when I was a teenager, I had great skin! No acne, pimples, uneven skin tone etc ..... But ever single I gave birth to my daughter Mya (now 5) my skin has gone from bad to worse :(

A customer and friend of mine recommended a skin care range to me a while back and I have just gotten around to ordering myself some after becoming so fed jo of having to wear silly amounts of foundation on my face to hide my temperamental skin. My bag if goodies arrived today from bespoke therapies and skin care and I can't wait to try them out! I've had a little smell and a tester run on the back of my hand (as you do!) and they smell and feel gorgeous against my skin.

Jean (owner and founder of bespoke therapies and skin care) makes the products herself, using natural ingredients and I can't wait to start using her skin care set. The ultimate aim for me is to be able to stop wearing my foundation everyday and (hopefully) get to the point that all I need is my tinted moisturiser (also from bespoke therapies and skin care)

Below are a couple of BEFORE pictures of my skin ... As you can see, minus the make jo my skin is not the best! And so my own personal skinvelop challenge begins!

Ill keep you updated on how I get on :)


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