The Follea Gripper wig - Children & Teens :)

I get asked often what I think is the very best wig available. Usually this question comes from adults who are enquiring about a wig for themselves, but over the past few months I have noticed a massive increase in the number of parents who have been approaching me asking me this question as their child or teenager has alopecia.
Now, I take my job very seriously as I am fully aware that anything I recommend needs to be up to scratch. If you have been to see me before for a consultation, you will know that I start at the lower end of the scale price wise with wigs and I take the time to explain why a wig is priced the way it is and I explain the materials used in the wigs (synthetic fibre, lace, mono etc...) So when people approach me and tell me they want the very best that I can offer I always recommend Follea. Why? Because I believe that Follea are the best and, although they are more expensive than your Jon Renau and your Trendco wigs, its important that you understand exactly why they are more expensive and that you understand how the Follea collection of hair differ from other brands that are available.

Follea use European hair that moves and behaves like natural hair

The gripper wigs cap construction is a clever combination of both silicone and lace materials. The silicone is where it needs to be so that it can effectively 'Grip' the scalp. Making it very secure without the need for glue or tape which can irritate sensitive skin.

They are built to last, provided you take good care of them. The Gripper wig will last up to 3 years with daily wear and good care.

They are available in a range of sizes from an XXS to a M. This means that delivery of your Gripper is quick ....... no waiting around for 3-4 months for your new hair.

If you do happen to fall between the ready made sizes then you have the option to have a gripper re-sized to your head measurements.

The open lace front construction of the Gripper wig allows you to wear the hair off your face. No fringes or bangs are needed. This is a welcome breath of fresh air as a wig wearer.

So now you know why I think that Follea is a superb option for anyone suffering from alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis (and in some cases, even alopecia areata) but you may be wondering, why do I think that the Follea Gripper is a good choice for a child or teenager with alopecia?
Well here are my reasons ..... For one things kids and teenagers are growing! I have had many parents come to me and say they have paid large amounts of money for a custom made wig that has taken 3-4 months to make, only to finally receive it and guess what? Its too small for their child because their child has gone through a growth spurt! Now, I'm not suggesting that this is the suppliers fault or that its the child's fault. Its just one of those things and it can't be controlled. The great thing about the Gripper wig is that it will allow for some growth and still grip and feel comfortable. The Gripper has a great way of taking on the shape of its wearers head making it the most comfortable wig I have ever worn.

So team together a comfortable cap construction that allows a little room to grow ..... beautiful high quality human hair that looks and behaves like the real thing (because it is the real thing) ....... Quick delivery ....... superb security without having to use glue or tape and the ability to wear your hair away from your face and id say you've found yourself a winner!

The Follea Gripper wig allows kids to play, do cartwheels, ride their bikes fast, jump on the trampoline to their hearts content and do pretty much anything they want to do without worry about their alternative hair moving or coming off. The Gripper lets kids concentrate on having fun and being kids!
To me, that's priceless.



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