Before and after new hair (Follea)

I blogged yesterday about a lady that came to see us to have her new follea aero2 wig fitted, cut and styled by us. Sally has kindly sent us across some ' before ' pictures and when you put the before and after pics side by side, you can't help but appreciate what a transformation Sally has gone through.

Her confidence is now through the roof! And rightly so as we think she looks amazing xxx


Nicole said…
Thank you for being brave enough to post and share! I have alopecia areata and have been (lucky) enough for it to go unnoticed for 3 years as I can cover my scalp with my remaining hair. But as my hair underneath continues to disappear, I live in fear of a breezy day! I knew the Folea Gripper wouldn't work for me (unless I shaved my head) and didn't know where to begin. Sally - you look amazing and have given me the courage to finally contact Follea myself. I live in Canada and I'm not sure where to begin, but today's the first day in a while where I won't be afraid of the wind :) Thanks!

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