Another happy FOLLEA hair wearer :)

Ahhh FOLLEA hair ..... How do I love thee .... Let me count the ways!!

1) gorgeous European hair
2) beautiful natural colours
3) comfort and security
4) natural look!

And it's not only me that has fell madly in love with the FOLLEA collection of wigs (i wear the FOLLEA gripper) but my clients are loving them too!

One of our gorgeous clients we had booked in today came to us to collect her new FOLLEA aero2 wig along with a synthetic wig she had ordered in. Sally came to see me a few weeks ago with a small bald patch directly on the crown of her head that she was no longer able to cover up. She told me she wanted the best, along with a couple of good quality synthetic wigs that she could wear when she fancied a change. Her attitude was very positive and she said that if she was going to wear wigs due to her Alopecia then she would embrace it and have a selection of hair that suited her moods. Such a fabulous attitude!

Over the next 2/3 weeks Sally and I emailed each other most days, and she told me how most of her hair was now gone :( still though she stays positive.

Today was the big day that she came over to collect her new FOLLEA aero2 wig that we have supplied her with and also the day she was having it cut and styled with us, by the lovely Harriet Jardine :)

The end result was a very Glamerous looking And happy Sally :)

Take a look at a few snap shots I took during Sally's fitting and cut / style as well as some pics of the end results xxx


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