The Alopecia project :)

If you would have asked me three years ago if I would like to have been part in a project that's been put together to raise more awareness of Alopecia then I would have probably had a major panic attack and fainted! I mean, don't get me wrong .... I have been 'comfortable' with my baldness for quite a number of years now but to actually take off my hair (wig) in front of people and have my photo taken ??? That's not something I would have been able to do back then!

But, time is a great healer and last Saturday I was lucky enough to have been involved in a project that I think is very special :)

The lovely photographer Daniel Regan ( has set up the project and has taken so many beautiful pictures of fellow alopecians already for an exhibition planned for later this year in Edinburgh. To learn more about the Alopecia project please head on over to his website and have a nosey!

I went down to London and met with four other amazing ladies who also took part in the photo shoot that day. It was a wonderful experience and Daniel is an absolute star and very talented.

A few snaps below from the day :)


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