Have you signed the alopecia research e-petition yet?

Do you ever feel frustrated and feel like there is not enough research into Alopecia? Are you becoming concerned at how Alopecia is classed as an auto immune disease when so many other diseases are also auto immune such as MS, diabetes and lupus to name but a few.

Due to my own own Alopecia and my own recent health concerns that are auto immune disease related, I have found myself becoming more and more interested into what research has actually been done into Alopecia.

An e-petition has been set up by a lady names Amy Johnson and she is calling for more research into Alopecia.

Have you signed it yet? If you believe that Alopecia should be researched more, then please spare a few moments to click on the link below and sign the petition online :) every signature helps!


From left to right
Amy, Amy, Alice, Emma (that's me!) and Angie :)


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